Feature Screenplays:

Original works in a variety of genres. Please use Adobe Reader to view scripts.

Bad Apple – Horror/Comedy

A nerdy teenager befriends the coolest kid at his new school, who also happens to be a brilliant serial killer.

Little Snake – Western

A school teacher reunites with her long lost brother, who has since become the West’s most notorious and romanticized outlaw. But when the man doesn’t match the myth, she must confront the possibility of turning in the only family she has left.

Happiness and the Fish – Romantic Comedy

A lonely chemist decides wooing a long lost school crush will finally bring him happiness. But with a marriage proposal from her long time boyfriend already in play, how long can he afford to stay a nice guy?

Short Screenplays:

Lemons – Silent Comedy

A budding botanist struggles to grow a mysterious plant that transforms into bizarre new objects when she’s not looking.

Practice – Romantic Comedy

An anxious young man does his best to learn dating etiquette on the fly.

Original Pilots:

Serenity Meadows “For Love of a Clown” – Animated Comedy

At a hospital/prison for super villains, Dr. Clutch McTiernan tries to prevent a gang war between Friendzo, a psychotic yet extremely amiable clown who is Clutch’s new best friend, and Seduxa, a powerful succubus whom Clutch is incapable of resisting.

Screenplays Based on Existing Material:

The Simpsons “It’s a Moderate Life!”

In a parody of “It’s a Wonderful Life!”, Homer is shown how he has ruined the lives of his friends and loved ones by an angelic Jimmy Stewart.

Colossal Wastes of Time:

Nerdy, self-indulgent bastardizations of greater works.


An apocalyptic prophecy brings Wonder Woman to Gotham City looking for a young Clark Kent’s head, and Batman must decide whether or not to save a boy fated to destroy the world.

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Wonder Woman

When a failed military experiment unleashes Ares, the God of War, upon the world, Princess Diana of Themyscira ventures out into unfamiliar lands to avert catastrophe.

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