Update: Screenplay Posting

With David E Kelley’s new Wonder Woman reimagining speeding towards production, I thought I’d post a feature I wrote a little ways back that attempted to offer a similar reintroduction to the character. Though not quite as radical as Kelley’s purports to be, it’s certainly a departure from the famous TV show, and is significantly more in line with her more recent depictions in the DC comics and the animated universe. Whether or not Kelley’s show succeeds, it seems unlikely such a presentation of the character will emerge beyond the nerdier corners of the world any time soon. So enjoy it here, in the nerdiest corner of them all.

To check out the script, head to the Screenplay section or click here. If you’d like to leave some thoughts on it, do so below.

P.S: To those who would dispute that this is the nerdiest corner of them all, may I remind you that this is a post about an independently produced, feature length Wonder Woman screenplay. Nuff said.

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